Nick Kalisz // Demo Reel // 2015

This is my story from the past year of beauty and joy, leading into some of the hardships we all encounter. As in any life these hardships can lead to great success.

I would like to thank Teton Gravity Research and all the other companies, athletes and people that have helped me capture these images and travel to these amazing places.


Nick Kalisz’ film career is inspired by the great outdoors and the raw beauty of human emotion.

After graduating from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Communication in Film and Video Production Nick migrated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He quickly realized his passion for capturing human interaction in nature. As a former athlete, Nick's unique ability to travel quickly, efficiently and safely in high alpine terrain has led him to film production around the world. From the Austrian Alps and high Himalayas of Nepal to remote Alaska and Mt. Kilimanjaro Nick has filmed commercials, television, major motion pictures and sports documentaries. Nick has unique talent and passion for operating premier production gear, implementing hollywood techniques, managing media and running equipment on solar in some of the most remote and harsh backcountry locations in the world.

Equipment: 4k Red Digital Cinema Cameras, Phantom Camera Systems, Canon, Sony, DJI Inspire, DJI Ronin, Feather Light Camera Crane, Kessler Products and Programing, Adobe Creative Suite.