Eye of the Condor Film Contest

Though it is summer in North American, it felt about time to head South to experience a taste of Winter.  Luckily enough Teton Gravity was sending a team out to this event called Eye of the Condor for its third year at La Parva Resort.  Each team that competes consists of a group of 5 people.  TGR sent me out to this event as the co-director/cinematographer/editor.  The rest of the team consisted of photographer/producer/co-director Greg Von Doersten and athletes Tim Durtschi, Matt Philippi and Colter Hinchliffe.  The beginning of the week started out strong with great group dinners and some really fun jib and hip features built around the resort.  The entire week we were waiting for some snow and of course the last day we got about 2 ft. that created an interesting end to the competition.  With everyone rushing to get the closing shots and segments edited by the 9 am deadline the next morning I don't think any of the teams got much sleep.

Later that night everyone took off to Santiago where if3 was taking place at MallSport and where each edit would be shown and voted on.  It was really impressive what each of the teams were able to put together and I would have hatted to be the judges at this competition.  The Winnter of the Photo competition was Team Chile.  Team Chile had some very creative photos and seemed to really stand out among the rest of the submissions.  The videos on the other had were all very close.  With the the 6 teams waiting for there team to be called... team TGR was just excited to have finished and be part of such a special event.  Quickly "Teton Gravity Reasearch" was announced as the winner of the Video Contest we all ran up on stage, excited that the long hours and work put into this payed off.  From there it was off to celebrate with the other teams.  I want to thank Eye of the Condor and La Parva for making this event possible and how smoothly it was run.  If I can't do this event next year I hope to make it back to Chile as soon as possible. Everyone there is super friendly and very laid back, the food was impressive and even got some pow turns in amongst the craziness of the competition.