Shoot VHS Videos With This App

Lets take it back, not way back but to right around 1980.  With this new app you can downgrade the video quality of the iPhone and act like you have a VHS video camera.  Oh the good ol' days of shooting to tape.  

The minds behind the appropriately titled VHS Camcorder aim right for the nostalgia muscle with their latest app. Facing a recent resurgence as evidenced in brand videos from the likes of Palace and Bronze 56k, the app ingeniously turns your iPhone into a vintage camcorder. In addition to lowering both the video and audio quality of your recordings, the app also places that trademark date and time stamp in the bottom left along with the “PLAY” text in the top right. Dragging your finger around the screen will make your recording even worse, as if the tape inside got bungled. Best of all, once you shoot the video, it saves to your camera roll so you can upload to Instagram.